Secretary Report 2015/2016

AOTPFrom Trisha Bray, 2014/2015 AOTP Secretary
I would like to thank the Current AOTP committee for your continued support this year.

We are a totally volunteer committee and we attempt to have a representative on the committee from as many hospitals as possible so we can keep all our members updated on changes, and support each other.

I have been the AOTP secretary for the past 4 and I believe it is now time for me to stand down and pass the role onto another member. At times I have confused members with my lack of “IT Experience” …. I know many members receive more than one email when I click send to early or to late, however I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the executive committee of the AOTP.

Membership has continued to grow this year with more student and associate members.


Membership- 2015/2016

Ordinary-85 (2 less than last year)

Associate- 11 this year  

Student-15 (1 more than last year)

Life Member-1

Corporate -2 this year

Total Membership 113 (11 more than last year)

Trisha Bray