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Registering for membership to AOTP Inc. is a paid membership to the association. Our fee structure is:

 Ordinary Membership $70.00
 Associate Membership $70.00
 Corporate Membership $100.00
 Student Anaesthesia Technician $20.00
 New membership administration fee $5.00
 Late membership fee after 1st September $5.00

Note: Payments may be claimed for taxation purposes

Why join AOTP Inc.
We stand as an organisation promoting best practice in anaesthesia assistance, sometimes at ministerial level. We defend the Anaesthesia Technicians good name, and answer those that would otherwise bring us down.

The negotiating strength of our society is in its membership numbers. We have a strong, capable committee, committed to helping our members as we have shown.

It is of great importance that we are able to show the Federal Government that AOTP/AAAHP, are well supported by Anaesthesia Technicians country wide.

We ask you all that have not done so already, to join or renew your membership and show our solid commitment to national registration.

We have to show that Anaesthesia Technicians are united in the quest for professional recognition, and with it registration. Sign up now.

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