2017 AGM Education Day "Live Well and Learn"

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Education Funding GuidelinesAfter a false start with very low interest for a March AGM, the AOTP committee committed to hosting our AGM Education day on Saturday 10 June 2017. Around 50 members attended the event at Willow Function Room, Willow Pond, Canning Vale.

Our first speaker was Professor Fiona Wood. Director of the Burns Service of Western Australia (BSWA), Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Fiona Stanley Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, co-founder of the first skin cell laboratory in WA, Winthrop Professor in the School of Surgery at The University of Western Australia, co-founder of the Fiona Wood Foundation (formerly The McComb Foundation), Australian of the Year 2005 .... Prof Wood's list of achievements is long and we were honoured to have her attend our Education Day.


We were not disappointed, as Prof Wood shared stories of her beginnings as a registrar, being on call and managing the demands of her young family. She spoke fondly of her recollections and the "ties that bind us" - both patients and work colleagues who have supported and inspired her. In 1991, as West Australia’s first female plastic surgeon, Prof Wood overcame obstacles and strove to change perception through hard work and dedication. She had a dream to contribute, and realised early on that not only did it mean relying on support and working together in a team environment, but understanding where to focus her work, of change, and of the enormous journey to understand that from the profound failure when your patient dies comes the knowledge and obsession of honouring that death by learning from it.

"A highly skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeon and world leading burns specialist, she has pioneered research and technology development in burns medicine." - in the evidence of data on 3500 patients, Prof Wood took us through the early intervention - time to surgery - time to healing concept and "Does having a burn injury increase your risk of cancer?". The challenges of secondary cardiovascular, muscular, infection, diabetes risk has lead to continuous refinement of systems as medical professionals strive to understand these impacts to ensure a good patient outcome.

Her resilience, dedication and contribution has moved us and inspired us, we are grateful for the opportunity to hear Prof Wood speak to us today.

Our next speaker, Dr Jess Gillett is an anaesthesia fellow at PMH. Her topic of "Difficult Airway in Paediatrics" took us through the contributing factors in "Can't Intubate, can't oxygenate (CICO)" scenarios - poor planning (no Plan B or C, failed to plan for failure!), emergency tracheostomy equipment not immediately available, persistent attempts at laryngoscopy and intubation (fixation on intubation instead of oxygenation). The special factors of neonates - small O2 reserve, large and floppy epiglottis, high/anterior larynx and other paediatric issues were covered, as well as the role of the tech in offering solutions.

Dr Gillett covered the approaches in a difficult airway - a second pair of hands, fresh pair of eyes, positioning, DI trolley, and use of the VORTEX system. She reminded us of the importance of Communication, TeamWork and Planning, and also went through the Difficult Intubation Trolley at PMH. Our sincere thanks to Dr Gillett for her time.

After a refreshing morning tea break, we returned to hear a presentation by Health Services Union (HSU). Through a nominated group of people at the workplace and a committee of management, the HSU is a democratic organization who represent their members in almost all aspects. Their job is to bring people together to negotiate and resolve issues, from registration for techs, to reclassification, changes in industry (eg the qualification going from a Cert IV to a Diploma). HSU very kindly donated a door prize of a $125 gift voucher which was very much appreciated, we would like to thank the representatives of Scott Fairclough, Patrick Hyslop and Linda Rasmussen who attended our Education day.

The main focus of our day was next up - the AGM. Our President Roy Wyatt, Secretary Trish Bray and Treasurer Sheila Su gave us their reports. Changes to the constitution were voted on, with the confirmation of the current committee standing down. Several nominations for committee were received which was encouraging.

We adjourned for lunch, before sitting down again to an Ayurveda talk and a taichi demonstration. Our workshops commenced shortly after: intraosseous gun workshops by Teleflex representatives Catriona Ferrie and Karen Burn, cell salvage run by Medtronic representative Cheryl Dane and Aisys anaesthetic machine troubleshooting by GE rep James Long. These drew lots of interest from both techs and students, we would like to thank all the reps and the companies for their ongoing support.

There was also the option to join in a taichi session, and indulge in seated chair massages. Our door prizes of vouchers from Lush and Body Shop were drawn close to the end of the day.

So much hard work goes into making an education day successful - at the end of the day, the anaesthetic machine is bubble-wrapped and packed up to be transported back, cell salvage equipment is carefully boxed up .... thank you again to the reps, and the support of Teleflex, Medtronic and GE Healthcare. A very big thank you to the outgoing committee members for their commitment and hard work over the past year (some for many years, not just one!). We look forward to welcoming a new committee, and seeing members at the next education day!