Annual Education Evening Murdoch 2016 Review

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sjog murdochReview of our Annual Education Evening, St. John of God Hospital Murdoch, 2nd June 2016.

This is our annual AOTP evening meeting, and surprisingly on a wet blustery winter night, when most people have had a busy day at work, it was extremely well attended. It was also an early opportunity for members to renew their memberships and therefore gain free entry into the event.

A light supper was provided and we are fortunate enough to always have a variety of trade displays to 'wet' our appetite for new technology and equipment. This year we were supported by Parker Healthcare, GE Healthcare, Meditech Systems, Edward Life Sciences and Teleflex. AOTP would like to take this opportunity to thank these companies for their continuing help and support in making evenings/events such as these so successful.

The talks began with Dr. Rafsan Halim discussing his experiences within the speciality of Paediatrics and laryngospasm and post op delirium in the recovery phase of anaesthesia. We then had a completely different experience from Gabrielle Musk, a Veterinarian Anaesthesia Specialist at Murdoch, who showed us the different techniques used to anaesthetise the smallest to the largest animals. Gabby left us with the final thought - Two sheep perchance to dream!

Our final speaker for the evening was Dr. Matt Haggett on Regional Anaesthesia Safety. This presentation reminded us of such critical incidents such as systemic toxicity and the type of equipment we, as the anaesthetia technicians, should ensure is available and in good working order. We should just make special mention to Karen Van Halteren who kindly and admirably stepped into the breach to help with registrations etc on the night.

The meeting came to a close at 21.10 and we all wrapped up and prepared to face the wintery weather again to safely head home.